Friday, May 30, 2008

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter by Body Shop

Isn't it pretty? I have to admit, the first thing that caught my eye was the pretty flowers and pink packaging. Even the actual moisturizer is pink. Then I smelled it and fell in love. Its $20.00 for 200 mLs, which I thought was a little more than I like to pay but not too bad. I have to admit I wasnt huge into the Body Shop before, infact I hadn't shopped there for a long time, then while visiting a friend and shopping with her, we went in to the store and I found myself wishing for quite a few items. They also have this awesome bronzing brush right now that feels super soft on your skin. If anyone gets a chance to go into the Body Shop go check out that brush. I kinda wish I bought it now actually.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Botanics Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes

This is a product that I have been using for awhile and thought I would tell you all about it. Botanics Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes are made by Boots No.7, the brand that makes the infamous No.7 Restore and Renew Beauty Serum featured in this Macleans magazine article.

Before I tried this I tried the Marcelle brand ones. They were great but then I saw these and realized they were a little cheaper and they are just as good! You can get them at your local Shoppers Drug Mart for $8.00 for a package of 30 wipes.

I use them at night to take off my makeup because I am usually too lazy to go through the cleansing routine. They are excellent at removing all your makeup and don't leave your skin feeling dry. If you are looking for a "quick fix" this is definately something to try.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Total Beauty

If you have not heard of "Total Beauty" then today is your lucky day. Its this great website all about beauty! Its got products reviews, tips and tricks, message boards and tons of great articles.

Every time you review a product you get entered into a sweepstakes and you could also be an instant winner of various gift certificates. I have been reviewing all kinds of products in the hopes that I will win something but no such luck yet.

I have also been reading some articles and some are really interesting like "Luxe vs Less Hair Care" which explores which cheapies are as good as the high-end product. According to this article, Marc Anthony Simply Straight Instant Straightening Cream is just as good as Fekkai Coiff Controle Ironless Straightening Balm. And Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Conditioner is just as good asAlterna Caviar Seasilk Collection.

There is also a section about beauty blogs which gives you links to various beauty blogs, as a top ten beauty blogs list and if you think your blog has got what it takes you can submit your own blog to be a member.

So just for the record this is going to be my new favourite website for awhile..if you get a min (or an hour because you wont want to leave) check it out!