Sunday, April 27, 2008

My First Ebay Purchase!

I just won an ebay auction!!!

I'm so excited! This is going to be my first ebay purchase. I have always thought about buying things from ebay but never actually tried it. I've had an ebay and paypal account for a few years even!

Well lately I have been browsing around and finding so many things I want, and for so much cheaper than in the makeup (MAC, Smashbox) and Roxy purses and clothing.

I just bought a Smashbox Creamy Highlighter Quad, and have a few other items in mind that I've been keeping my eye on such as a few roxy purses, some MAC and Philisophy items. People warn me that Ebay is addicting, but I don't really care I say let the addiction begin!

Here is a picture of what i've just bought!

1 comment:

Henna said...

Oooh that quad is pretty! Good buy!