Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Update

So incase you haven't figured out from my previous post about reading, I am an avid reader. I always have been, but more so lately because when you have an hour break at work each day, it's nice to have something to read.

So the last book I mentioned was "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. As I expected, it was amazing. Totally suspensful I didn't want to put it down. The ending was a total surprise.
Since then I have read "Plain Truth" and "The Pact" also by Jodi Picoult. I highly recommend these books and any other books by her. I looked her up on the chapters website and noticed she has a lot of books. Its my goal to read them all.

Here is the desciption for "The Pact" from Chapters:
Until the phone calls came at three o’clock on a November morning, the Golds and their neighbors, the Hartes, had been inseparable. It was no surprise to anyone when their teenage children, Chris and Emily, began showing signs that their relationship was moving beyond that of lifelong friends. But now seventeen-year-old Emily is dead—shot with a gun her beloved and devoted Chris pilfered from his father’s cabinet as part of an apparent suicide pact—leaving two devastated families stranded in the dark and dense predawn, desperate for answers about an unthinkable act and the children they never really knew.

Has anyone else read any of Jodi's books?? I would love to hear what you think!

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