Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Latest purchases!

Ok I have a lot of things to mention today!
First off, I received my order from Sephora, so I thought I would comment on my new products!
Just to refresh here are the products I ordered:
- Hope in a Jar 2 oz size.
- Smashbox "Try Me" set which includes : photo finish primer, clear lip gloss, photo op under eye brightener, a palette of brow powders, cream liners and brow wax and a double ended brow/liner brush. The primer, lip gloss and under eye things are small sizes (hence the Try Me title).

So far the Hope in a Jar I really like. This stuff was on the Oprah show. It is supposed to be like the miracle cream I guess. lol It says you will notice a difference within days and I have to admit so far they are right! I have only been using it for like 3 days and I am noticing a slight difference. Nothing huge yet but hey its only been 3 days. My skin looks a little brighter and ..more lively shall we say?? And the redish areas seem to be not as noticeable. I can't wait to see what it looks like after a month or more! The only bad thing I can say about it is that it smells bad. But the good outweighs the bad for sure!

I am also pretty impressed with my Smashbox set. I tried the primer and so far it seems good! It makes my makeup look smoother and after working all day it lasts a bit longer now. The eye liner brush makes it SO easy to apply liner.

In my order I also got to pick 3 free samples so i got : J'adore by Dior fragrance, Ojon restorative hair treatment, and Sugar Tint oil free tinted moisturizer.

Today I went shopping and I must share my purchases!!! I bought a new flat iron, a "pink dazzle" limited edition CHi flat iron! It's pink and sparkly and comes with a travel mat thing so that was pretty cool. I've already tried it and it definately works better than my old one.
I also went to the MAC counter at The Bay and bought two eyeshadows ( Vanilla and Naked Lunch) and a Beauty Powder Blush (Sweetness). Haven't tried them yet but I will be doing that tomorrow!

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