Sunday, March 16, 2008


I must share my good news with everyone. I'm getting a promotion at work!
I'm now officially a pharmacy technician, and I'm going to be full time! I also got a raise to $10/hr up from like $8.35. Still not a LOT of money, but its definately an improvement. Looks like I'll be getting a car sooner than I had planned.

Also I will be able to get my 3500 hours by 2010 to write the exam to become certified. I think I have approx 1000 hours so far. I thoguht my hours so far didn't count because i wasnt officially a tech but my new boss said she will count them.

This came at the perfect time. I was feeling really stressed at work. A lot of changes going on with getting a new boss, plus I was really stressed about my wage because I felt I didn't get paid what I deserve. So this really made my day basically and now I feel I am a lot closer to getting where I want to be!

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st_hart said...

congratulation for the promotion! my god bless you :)