Sunday, July 27, 2008

Need to start a Portugal fund!

This weekend I had some relatives from Portugal visit and it made me realize once again how badly I want to learn more about my background and visit Portugal especially. I've always really wanted to go there, but I really think I need to start setting aside money regularly to save up for a trip. Since I have relatives there I wouldnt really have to pay for a place to stay, just my plane and spending money. Plane tickets to Portugal are so expensive though, I was checking out prices online today and they were all around $3000!!! How insane! When it comes time to go I will definately enlist a travel agent to find me a good deal. I think my cousin went once for around $900 so it can really vary. Either way I will definately need to save a few thousand dollars for that trip!

This visit also made me realize how much I want to learn the language. I think I am going to start searching for some night courses at the local schools around here for a Portuguese class. My goal is to eventually be bilingual.
Look at these pictures, aren't they gorgeous? No wonder I want to go so bad!


beauty parler said...

Yes, you have to go! Right now is peak-season so the air tickets will be more expensive. But in September the prices go down considerably. I'm from Portuguese descent & LOVE it there! I actually taught English in Lisbon in 2006. Let me know if you need any advice!
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The Style Page said...

I loved Lisbon, even though it rained incessantly during the week I was there. So much for sunny Portugal!

I checked, which search multiple airline sites, and found $870 fares from Washington, DC (where I live) to Lisbon via Amsterdam on Northwest Airlines

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