Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back into the exercise classes!

Well after about a week of not going to the gym, I forced my ass back into gear this week and I have gone three times so far. Here's what classes I went to and what I thought:

Monday: Aquafit - doesnt feel like exercise until you get out of the water, once you get out you feel like you weigh about 800 lbs. wow. But still a little boring and mostly old people there :(

Tuesday: Yoga- so I got mixed up and thought I was going to the class that was a mix of pilates and yoga, but it turns out it was just yoga! Haven't done that in awhile, and boy it was hard!! I find many of the poses really hard especially downward dog and stuff like that because my arms are really weak and I cannot hold my weight on my arms!! But it's so good for your body so I will probably still go to this class when I can.

Thurs: Pilates. Actually started out with yoga moves for like 15-20 mins. Didn't really like that, then we got into other stuff which was still kinda hard but I can tell it was a good workout. Good for the abs!

I just switched gyms, because the one I was going to before was expensive and this new community center is about half the price. There is some major differences that will take some getting used to.

1. old gym- had real yoga mats for everyone to use. They had a large supply so most people could use two. new gym- doesnt have real yoga mats!!! They just use normal gym mats, which don't give you as good of a grip, so I will be bringing my own yoga mat next time for sure.

2. old gym- had really good music during the classes! It was basically just a bunch of popular songs, like some John mayer and stuff like that, which i enjoyed singing along which exercising. new gym- doesnt have good music. Infact its just like music without words , and I don't really like it. lol.

Oh well I guess this is why I am only paying half the price that I was paying before. Of course I am not going to go back to the old gym or anything, I can totally live with these changes, I'm just starting to see why this one doesn't cost as much!

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