Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to the gym..

Well yesterday was my first time back at the gym for a few months!! I was a member of somewhat expensive gym and was really into it for awhile and then I lost the motivation. I'm not really sure why, but I stopped going regularly. The one thing I did like going to was a class that was a combination of yoga and pilates. I went and checked out a local community center that was recently built near my house. It's about half the price of the gym that I used to go to, AND it has a pool! It's not open as late as the other one and not open on holidays but that doesn't really matter to me. And it still has a combination yoga/pilates class that I can attend.

Yesterday after work I went and got a monthly pass, because I'm just going to check it out for a bit and then decide if I will buy a full year membership. So I went on the cross-trainer, and then the treadmill, for a total of about 40 mins. Then I went into the pool during public swimming and swam a few laps. Boy was I tired afterwards! I am actually pretty sore today. I was planning on going today but after feeling this pain in my lower back I decided not too. But I am planning on going this weekend though, hopefully this pain I am getting is nothing big and just my muscles getting their memory back!

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